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Prepare your skin for spring: Purification

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This mask, which is stripped off after waiting for a while, reveals a brighter and brighter skin and healthier skin. The formula includes grapefruit seed extracts and vitamin E.


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It removes dead cells from the skin surface with its particles, allowing to cleanse pores and provide bright and smooth skin. Suitable for all skin types with its sensitive content.


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Especially suitable for daily use, which attracts with its smell, peels cleans dead skin and pores with micro-particles. Thus, it also prevents the formation of black spot and acne.


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Peeling in powder form, which stands out with its natural content, cleanses the skin without stretching and provides a brighter appearance.

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Thanks to its herbal enzyme structure activated by water, it supports smoother and brighter skin. It is very effective in getting results from stained skin, but we do not recommend using sensitive skin.


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The white clay contained in it, hibiscus and soothing linen flower extracts, protective peeling particles and massage spheres cleanse your skin deeply while at the same time providing a soothing and smooth appearance.


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Recommended for mixed and oily skin, this peeling effective cleaning product opens pores by intensively cleaning the skin. It purifies the skin from its matte appearance.


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