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Prepare your skin for spring in 4 steps

1- WhoFears Short Wedding Gownoverhaul your supplies

It's time to say goodbye to your makeup, which has already expired. Spring means innovation... Taking advantage of this opportunity, you can add new, 6 lipstick colors toyour make-up bag that should try this spring. And don't forget to clean your makeup brushes.

2- Replace your moisturizer and foundations

Replace your intenseNew generation silky fondotenes and moisturizers with lighter ones from cold winter days. In this way, your foundation does not flow due to the heat during the day and you get a fresher appearance.

3- Do not go out without sunscreen

While spring is coming and the sun is showing its face more, be careful not to go out without sunscreen.  When leaving the house with protection sunscreen of 30 and above and especially if you come into contact with water during the day, renew it every 2-3 hours.

4- Protect your skin against spring allergies

With the increase of pollen in the air, your skin may become sensitive if you have an allergic body. Especially redness may occur on your face or excessive dryness and itching may occur. In order to reduce these ailments a little, you can strengthen your immune system and fight allergens by including a little more vitamin C foods in your diet. However, if these measures are still not enough, it is worth consulting a specialist doctor.

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