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Prada Fall-Winter 2018

To reflect the dark air of the fashion show, a venue was chosen to exactly the right one. The show took place in a tower in central Prada that embraced the city with its ongoing construction and impressive views.

Miuccia Prada's industrial designs stand out in this dark environment. The designs, reminiscent of worker's clothes, feature plenty of nylon, submersible fabrics that Prada brought to its peak in the 90s. Id cards attached to stylish cocktail dresses are among the highlights. Glowing neon colors, embroidered on neutral fabrics. Midi skirts and dresses are paired with more comfortable plastic boots to use, rather than paired with stylish shoes.

The most striking pieces were baggy cut vests and fringed plastic skirts. Let's also announce the return of the popular '90s accessory fishing hats!

Miuccia Prada jokes after the fashion show that she's taking revenge on the art world with her collection. Prada argues that fashion is also an art form and criticizes exclusion by the art world. "My dream is to be able to take them out without fear to empower women in a violent world out there," Miuccia Prada explains.

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