Home Life Technology Practice that facilitates the life of pregnant women

Practice that facilitates the life of pregnant women

ALLE Maternity mobile application is the first, week after week pregnancy tracking application created after all the needs of pregnant women and their relatives are investigated.

ALLE A guide for pregnant women to read pregnancy information prepared by specialists and experienced doctors every week. Thanks to many other features within the application such as Maternity Special Calendar, Kick Counter, Contraction Counter or Weight Tracking, it is also possible to keep a moment-by-moment record of pregnancy stories and to automatically create the pregnancy diary without any additional effort.

Pregnant candidates who have registered for the application can always feel alle pregnant's support with them through e-newsletters sent privately with a calendar suitable for their pregnancy weeks.

Thanks to the "pregnancy-specific profile" areas prepared with all the sensitive details of the pregnancy process in mind, pregnant women can share their notes, photos and videos of their pregnancy processes with family members and relatives that they allow to follow up.

The app reaches 10,000 users in as little as 2 months and is currently only available in the App Store. But from the first months of 2017 you will also be able to download it to Android phones.

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