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Practical pedicure in 5 steps

You are on your feet all day long and in these hot weather, be sure to try this method to relieve your feet, which are edema and swollen, when you go home in the evening... Fill a large bowl with cold water and toss bath salt in it. Especially the fragrant ones in the ball will make it a little more enjoyable. Even add a little himalayan salt to the water. In this way, you can relax your feet by soaking them in water for 5-10 minutes according to your time.

Stimulate blood circulation by brushing your feet and legs with a dry brush in the shower or rubbing them with pumpkin fiber. In this way, you can also reduce the feeling of fatigue and weight on your feet. Make a habit of doing this regularly in each bathroom.

To soften hardened skin and purify dead skin, first exfoliate. This will clean the dried skin and your feet will be soft. Then rub your particularly hardened heels with a foot file or heel.

Just like your skin, your feet need moisture and extra care. So apply an intensely nutritious moisturizer to your feet after each bath. Rub this before bedtime, or even put socks on if your feet are too dry or cracked.

And here's the fun part. Spice up your hands and increase your energy by applying a nail polish of your favorite color to your nails. Vibrant coral tones, candy pinks and stunning reds are a great alternative for summer. If you say 'no, I'm for simplicity', opt for nude tones for a clean and well-groomed look.

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