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Practical kitchen appliances that must have in every home

You can find the solution partners that are indispensable for every kitchen at this address. Especially storage containers that keep your food healthy fresh and tools that offer practical chopping and grating. OXO Greensaver Storage Containers are designed with air-leaking seals, preventing the vegetables and fruits we buy from markets and grocery stores from eating freshness prematurely and extending the freshness time by 25% compared to the usual storage containers. Be sure to check out the Hand Grater, four-sided Storage Coated Grater and Good Grips Mini Grater and Slice Set, which allow for practical grating with its sharp stainless steel body. With these practical graters, you can prepare your meals in a few minutes, and your hands don't smell! In addition, cocoa touches desserts like a chef with its icing sugar spreader, while salad salads, popular and patented products of the OXO Good Grips series, can be found in a practical way.

Alix Filter, which provides a very easy kitchen experience, helps you wash many foods from fruits to vegetables with minimal effort.  You can also easily store your food with different sizes of storage containers.

You can find many practical products, from vegetable strainer to flour apple, garlic crusher to table cleaning brush, make your life easier.

At Tchibo, famous for its practical products, you can find products such as soybeans, food carrying containers, borcam measuring cups, ideal for removing the succulent portions of sauce and spices, melon, avocado or kiwi fruits.

You can have both productive and fun time in the kitchen with products such as freezers, kitchen scales, brushes that you can fill with juices and create your own fruit ice, even bottle with narrow mouths. You can also keep your food intact for a long time thanks to the storage containers and jars available in a wide variety of sizes and colors at IKEA. Thanks to its transparent lids, you can also complete the storage containers of the IKEA 365+ series, which you can see inside even inside the drawer, with covers made of bamboo, glass or plastic, and get a decorative look.

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