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Postpone your baby's first bath

The miracle of varnish occurs in the third trimeth of pregnancy. It protects the baby's skin from the aqueous environment in which it lives and facilitates the formation of new skin. Varnish also helps the baby to be born by sliding through the birth canal. I think you knew that much... The real miracle manifests itself in the process after birth. Varnish, which covers the body of the baby, is white or yellowish, sometimes covering the whole body, sometimes only in curvy areas, this layer has a consistency between fat and cream. There are scientific studies that contribute to the thermal (heat) regulation of the baby at birth. It also allows the baby's skin surface to adapt to the outside world after birth.

So why is this varnish so important? Does it really stop us from washing the baby?

That's the miracle of varnish!

·        Antioxidant

·        Antimicrobial

·        Moisturizer

·        Wound healing

·        Natural skin cleanser

If I told you that it is a natural cream that contains these properties and also does no harm to babies... Parents who want the best for your babies may want to buy this product immediately and use it for your babies. Isn't all our efforts for their own good? This miracle, this creamy varnish, which is naturally present in the baby's body, will provide all these benefits "by nature" when absorbed into the baby's body, so delay your baby's bath! At least six hours! 24 hours if possible...


Source: World Health Organization Pregnancy, Childbirth, PostpartumAndNewbornCare, A Guide ForEssentialPractice

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