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Pokemon Go style guide

As you know, when playing pokemon go guide for beginners, long distances can be traveled without realizing it. As a result of long walks, you can catch many Pokemon and discover new gyms. As such, opting for comfortable clothes and shoes while playing can help you both be comfortable and chase pokemon for longer.

Denim jumpsuits, which are often preferred in hot weather and provide comfortable elegance, can also give you the comfort you're looking for when playing Pokemon Go guide for beginners and can be wonderfully combined with your orthopedic Birkenstocks.

Overalls: Zara T-shirt: Adidas Slippers: Birkenstock

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If you're an ambitious Pokemon Go guide for beginners hunter and don't want your clothes to cause you problems, you can choose to go out in your sportiest form. The best way to do that, of course, is tights.

Tights: H&M T-shirt: Nike Shoes: Nike

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Culotte-style pants and efil efil T-shirts will help if you don't want to compromise your elegance and want to play Pokemon for a long time.

T-shirt: Mango Pants: Maxmara Shoes: Superga

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The shawl tracksuits and crop T-shirts that mark the summer will not only overwhelm you with the heat, but will also give you comfortable elegance.

T-shirt: Mango Tracksuit: Bonprix Shoes: New Balance

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The right bag and sunglasses are a must to take with you for long Pokemon Go guide for beginners walks in the sun. Sports backpacks that will not hurt your back and are easy to carry and sunglasses that will provide protection towards your eyes can make you easier.

Green bag: Mehry Mu Yellow bag: Kanken Blue bag: Herschel

Glasses: Burberry, Ray-Ban, Persol

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After adjusting your bag and outfit, it's time for the must-have cosmetics. Sunscreen creams and lip waxes with SPF are a must in case you are exposed to the sun for long hours. Perfume or deodorant may also be required in case you sweat during the summer days.

Sunscreens: Shiseido, Nivea, MAC, Garnier

Lip balm: L'Occitane, Neutrogena

Perfumes: Calvin Klein, Body Shop, L'Occitane

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Pokemon Go guide for beginners during their hunt you can explore places you've never seen before, or even go to very remote neighborhoods without even noticing. In such cases, having a thermos and portable charger with you will be the saviour of both you and the day.

Thermos: Ikea and D&R Powerbank: D&R

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