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Pokemon Go guide for beginners

As soon as you start the game, there are only three Pokemon to choose from. These are Squirtle, Charmander and the strongest Bulbasaur. But you can't get Pikachu, so get away from the 3 starter Pokemon offered to you 4 times. The fourth time Pikachu will appear, you can add it to your collection by throwing your poketop on top of Pikachu.

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Every time you catch a pokemon, you come across that pokemona special confectionery. If you catch enough candy, you can turn your Pokemon into a more advanced Pokemona.


Your game may be stuck frequently or has trouble connecting to the internet. This is not because of your phone, but because the game is now new and still being developed. So don't forget to update the app frequently.

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After downloading the app, you will see that your charge is going very fast. That's why it's always to your advantage to have a portable charge with you. You can also activate low battery power mode. If you select the "Battery Saver" option, which you will also see in the settings within the game, your charge will decrease more slowly.

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When you throw your poketop during Pokemon capture, you'll see rings appear in different colors, such as orange and red. These show the difficulty of capturing each Pokemo. As your level increases, you can use products like "razz berry" to make Pokemo love you and catch you more easily.

You can also earn more points when throwing a pokeball, turning and throwing the ball around.

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You will notice that there are different footprints under each Pokemo. One footprint means pokemon closest to you, while 3 footprints often mean Pokemon in your locations. Unfortunately we can't give a clue which way to go and find the nearest Pokemon, so feel free to use the products at your disposal.

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If your goal is to reach the most Pokemona as soon as possible, you can choose to ride a bike. Because when you drive, you can't travel at a slow pace where you can catch Pokemon. That's why cycling can be the most comfortable method. But first of all, keep in mind that your health is important and be careful on the roads.

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Once you reach level 5, you will now be able to start using so-called "gym" areas. The familiar areas in your neighborhood will become gyms, so you can tap these gyms to find out which group is running them. Because when you go to war, you can only defend gyms that are in your own group.

Since Pokemon Go is a new game, there may be many more undiscovered gyms and you can conquer them by adding Pokemon. But make sure the Pokemo you add is the strongest, because it will be the only Pokemon that protects that gym.

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Conquering gyms can be the hardest part of Pokemon Go. Because you choose 6 Pokemon to win the gym and you go to war. When the battle begins, you can only make 3 moves: the first is to click on the screen, the second is to scroll through the screen, and the third is to tap and wait on the screen to show your special move. You can group with people who are in the same group as you and conquer the gyms together, so you have a better chance of winning the gym. After the battle, your pokemon will be extremely tired, in which case it is good to fulfill your powers with magic potions and continue the game. You can get potions by buying them on pokestops or through the game.

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If you're tired of walking nonstop, you can attract Pokemon to yourself using the lure option.

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