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Perfect fit: Pharrell and G-Star Raw partnership

G-Star RAW and Pharrell Williams have announced strategic collaborations in which Pharrell Williams will co-own the denim brand. As part of the partnership, Pharrell Williams will be involved in different creative layers within the brand, from collections to advertising campaigns and business strategies.

The partnership follows a two-year RAW for the Oceans collaboration between G-Star and Pharrell Williams' firm Bionic Yarn, which was transformed into a recycled ocean plastic denim.

G-Star will continue to collaborate with Bionic Yarn. With the title of G-Star's new co-owner, Pharrell aims to realize G-Star's sustainability goals by focusing on Jean's innovative future.

"I believe that G-Star will be the ultimate jean brand of the 21st century, an independent and forward-thinking company. I look forward to being a part of this mission and being a part of the creation of the future of G-Star."

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