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Peaceful holiday routes for the weekend

Thanks to Instagram, we have become a frequent sight of lavender fields in Provence, France, and therefore have become a must-go place in our holiday plans. In fact, without going too far, lavender scented village in Isparta is beautiful to search provence fields. It is also one of the largest women's initiative projects in Turkey. When you go to Lavender Fragrant Village, you can spend time in the field, get soap, lavender, oil, etc. And most importantly, you can live in the moment and breathe in the scent of lavender. I suggest you go the week before the harvest starts.


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There's no need to go too far. Violet Plateau in Izmit has become a favorite of those who want to trek and camp in recent years. You will not understand how the road passes because along the way you will be accompanied by mountain views and streams of violet plateau. In the meantime, get ready for the road because there aren't many facilities to eat or stay in, but you'll definitely find the peace and nature you're looking for for the weekend.


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Gökçetepe Natural Park, which is connected to Kashan district of Edirne, continues to welcome visitors both in summer and autumn. There are facilities where you can perform many sporting activities such as trekking, paintball, zip line, survivor trail. Whether you come with your own tent or rent from the tents offered by The Jungle Camp. Take a walk in the nature park by the sea and enjoy the fragrance of the sea and trees.


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