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Parents who do not lift their head off the phone

Following the agenda, looking at the shares of your loved ones, presenting yourself to people by sharing your child in ways you like, socializing, all these are very understandable needs. But it's time to stop and think about who needs it: How many should children be intertwined with technology? Or is it yours?

Parents are in an active and busy cycle in home, work, family and personal areas. As a result, mothers in particular become experts in multitasking. But 'listening' to a child is a valuable job that should not be squeezed into the same moment as other jobs. When you're doing things on the computer or looking at something on TV, if your child is telling you what they were doing that day, of course you'll hear it. And is that literally listening to your feelings in the way we call them? Unfortunately, no, we can be mistaken, "I listen, I answer, my child does not feel lacking in that moment." However, there is a very clear message for the child: "You do not have my full self at the moment." He can feel that it's not worth it, avoid telling things so as not to be more of a burden, thinking you're busy, after all, it won't help, he can minimize communication by saying I don't speak at all.

Those who share every moment on social media

Another issue we often see on social media is the mother/father sharing images of their child. It is of course natural to accumulate memories in digital environments and share them with our loved ones. But there's something thought-provoking about that. Mom or Dad are probably recording scenes that look cute, interesting or flattering to their own eyes, wanting to 'share' them as soon as possible. As far as I'm concerned, he's completely missing those moments. Because the child may not get the emotional intimacy he needs at the time, maybe not at all, maybe very little. Being appreciated, accompanying your excitement, laughing together, even experiencing feelings such as sadness and anger is always on the air like a live broadcast in front of a community. The "funny" scenes of the boy being angry/crying will be familiar to all of us on social media.

What Does Giving Up Screens Give Us?

-The more use of technology by parents, the higher the use of the child. If you can limit the moments when you look at the screen, you will be a good model for it. Moreover, he will assimilate that this is not just a special punishment for him, but a natural framework that should be.

-Children/young people often complain that they are not understood and that the elders do not listen to them. When you reduce your screen time, you will be able to increase your sensitivity to those around you and accompany them without losing sight of your child's emotions. I'm sure he'll feel the difference and your bonds will be strengthened.

-Another positive effect that research has shown dramatically is related to our brain. When the time you look at the screen decreases, the functionality in the front lobe of the brain increases. This means that your problem solving and planning skills and creativity will increase. It's pretty key for parents, isn't it?

-You will be able to get a better quality of sleep as the body, mind will be less stimulated. On the new day when you start resting, it is possible to have higher energy and feel more tolerant of your child. This also applies to your child, when screen time decreases, their sleep will be regulated and over-stimulation will decrease.

-Speaking of a state of adulation, I can say that the moments of crisis in which you have a conflict with your child will decrease. Unfortunately, children who spend too much time in front of the screen are more likely to experience bursts of emotion, such as anger control in children's crying crises. When screen time at home is limited, the child becomes calm by eye contact with the parents and face-to-face communication. He's learning to regulate his emotions.

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