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Pantene Golden Butterfly night red carpet styles

Neslihan Doğulu hit the red carpet in a long-sleeved satin dress that left her deep cleavage and shoulders exposed.  Zeynep Tosun's light beige dress is nominated for Best Actress for her wavy hair and ring. He attended the red carpet with his wife Kadir Doğulu.

Kadir Doğulu and woman walking on a red carpet

Burçin Terzioglu, nominated for Best Actress for her long satin dress in a tuvanam-designed oil blue hue with silver embroidery on the collar and back cleavage, took part in the race for elegance on the red carpet. Notable for her long wavy hair and natural make-up, she joined the red carpet alongside her boyfriend Ilker Kaleli, who she was nominated for Best Series Couple.

Burçin Terzioğlu and woman posing for a picture

Yasemin Özilhan, one of the most admired celebrities on the red carpet with her mini dress with lilac tulle and ruffle detail designed by Elif Cikzoglu, completed her outfit with shoes and bags of the same shades. Her bun hair and light make-up accentuated her dress.


Burcu Tekcik, who is nominated for Best Actress, dazzles with her embroidered dress in tuvanam gold tones and cleavage on her chest and back. Completing her transparent embroidery and tassel detailing with wavy hair, she favoured dark shades.

a man and woman posing for a picture

Ayse Özymazel is one of the celebrities who shows her modern claim with her silver stone jumpsuit and deep back cleavage. Taking her Spanish leggings fashion to the red carpet, she revealed her back cleavage with wavy hair gathered around her neck.

a person posing for a picture


Dore completed her sequinned Prada dress with a cape with red ruffle detailing and net boots. Leaving her hair open with her stony black tiara, she added sparkle to her look with silver earrings. Akalin, who attended the red carpet with his wife Okan Kurt, will perform the song Ghost from his new album for the first time on the Golden Butterfly stage.

Demet Akalin, OKAN KURT are posing for a picture

Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ's wife Virgo Dizer, who prefers Hakan Yildirim design on the red carpet, highlighted the nobility of black with a strapless dress with buttons and ribbon detail at the waist. Virgo Dizer, who completed her elegance with her exposed hair and red lipstick, chose shoes in favor of light nose, gold and striped heels.

a woman in a black dress

The dore-toned actress dazzled in a transparent embroidered dress and dazzled on the red carpet. The embroidery details and long sleeves of the two-piece Raisa Vanessa dress, which sat on top of her, drew attention to Allen's neat physique. The tight bun on the back of her neck made for a look as stylish as it was modern.


The famous singer has made a name for herself with her different style on the red carpet. She completed her deep-slit black velvet costume with long sock boots and drew a lot of attention with her black glasses and red lipstick.


Ahu Yağtu, who appeared on the red carpet with the design of Museum of Fine Clothing, managed to bring her vintage style in daily life to the red carpet. The deep slit of her white dress was as elegant as it was simple, with a stony neckline and vatican detailing. Leaving her long wet-looking hair open, she put a sharp stop to her black handbag and shoe-choice dress.

a man in a white dress

Model and leading actress Amine Gülşe, who appeared on the red carpet with designer Rashid Bagzibağlı, achieved simple elegance with her black strapless dress and black, wavy hair hanging from her shoulders.  Her natural make-up, which she prefers in natural tones, has added a natural beauty to the famous actress.

a man and woman posing for a picture

Dilan Deniz, a young actress of Bodrum Tale, one of the names that emphasizes simplicity with her long white dress, presented an elegant look suitable for her age on the red carpet with her natural hair and light makeup.

a person in a white dress

Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu, who was nominated in the Best Series Couple category with her Sweet Revenge co-star Furkan Andiç Sinan, looked stylish on the red carpet in a navy blue dress and stony bracelet with Dilek Hanif design back and collar detailing. Completing her look with her natural wavy hair, the beauty posed for the cameras with her co-star.

Leyla Lydia Tugutlu and woman posing for a picture

Singer Hande Yener, who appeared on the red carpet in her ambitious black dress that matched her long black hair, showed off her familiar style with tulle, mesh and stone details in her long-sleeved dress. The famous singer's choice of red carpet favors Hakan Akkaya.

a person in a black dress

Former model and professional windsurfer Cagla Kubat appeared on the red carpet with her husband Jimmy Diaz. Kubat dazzled in a fish-model black dress by Erol Albayrak and opted to complete her look with bronze makeup and a glittering necklace.

a man and woman posing for a picture

Wilma Elles, who showed off a different look with bustier and rope details on the front of her Tanju Babacan-designed black tulle dress, continues her bohemian vibe with her braid and black dress at the front of her hair.

Wilma Elles in a black dress

Tuba Unsal, who opted for a transparent white dress with Valentino-designed floor-to-layer tulle detailing for the red carpet, completed her style with black leather Christian Dior boots and choker. Unsal's jewelry, which collects her hair in a shabby way that suits her outfit, is signed by Bvlgari.

Tuba Ünsal wearing a white coat and boots
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