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Oscar's women candidates together

Michelle Williams, who celebrated her fourth Oscar nomination this year, attended in a satin Louis Vuitton signature dress with asymmetrical shoulders in peach tones. Williams, who has never used any jewelry-accessories other than a bracelet, only highlighted her dress with her 'like not there' make-up.

Michelle Williams in a dress

Natalie Portman, who embraced the Oscars for "Black Swan," is among the nominees again this year. The pregnant actress opted for a black dress. It is noteworthy that the dress is not a famous and expensive design. Portman showed up at the event in a Topshop dress. The hair she straightens supports her simplicity.

Natalie Portman in a black dress

The actress donned a classic Chanel skirt-jacket ensemble with a metallic belt. Kidman's side-gathered hair and impressive eye make-up are all points.

Nicole Kidman in a dress

Emma Stone, who competed for an Oscar for Best Actress, attended the event in a stella mccartney jumpsuit with one shoulder open. Stone sported a sports-chic look in Jimmy Choo stilettos underneath her satin fabric jumpsuit. The actress also made sure to wear her signature matte brown lipstick.

Emma Stone in a black dress

Oscar nominee Ruth Negga teamed her purple floral embroidered knitwear with a high-waisted leather skirt over a yellow color. This style of Negga can also be easily applied to everyday style.

Ruth Negga in a dress

The actress attended the event in a suede-looking cream dress. The dress is signed by Bottega Veneta.

Naomie Harris in a dress
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