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Oral care on vacation

-What measures can we take for the oral and dental health of children before going on holiday?

Summer holidays are a good opportunity for a visit to the dentist, which is neglected due to short time during the school period. Thanks to regular dental checks, a dental problem can be noticed at the beginning stage. Further cases may return as toothaches with a change in diet during the holiday. Before going on holiday, the treatment of teeth that are thought to cause problems with time management can be given priority. Protective applications can be made. Early intervention provides both financial and moral gain.

-During the holiday, children consume sugary foods such as chocolate, ice cream and juice. What should we pay attention to for the dental and oral health of children?

Since more time is spent outside the house in the summer, the eating pattern during the school period is disturbed, more junk food, cold and acidic drinks are consumed. And tooth brushing habits can change. Very cold drinks, which are usually consumed in summer and during the holidays, can cause sudden heat change in the teeth, causing a whining. And if the teeth are not healthy, if there are problems such as caries and fractures, this sensitivity may increase. More water needs to be consumed for general health, especially during the holiday. Water is as useful for the body as it is for the teeth. If oral care cannot be carried out after consuming sugary and acidic foods such as chocolate, ice cream and juice, the mouth should be shaken with water and plenty of water should be consumed. Foods that are tooth-friendly, such as apples, nuts and cheese, can be consumed in intermediate meals.

-What should be done if we have a dental problem despite all the precautions during the holiday?

Dental injuries are more common during the holiday season and summer. Cycling, sports activities, pool accidents are the most common conditions that cause tooth injuries. As a result of dental injury, contact with a dentist should be made as soon as possible.

• Wash the dislodged or broken tooth with clean running water without touching its root and deliver it to your doctor in milk.

• Do not shake the dangling tooth any further and contact the physician immediately.

• If there is no visible problem with the teeth after trauma, always go to the dentist examination at an appropriate time. Traumas that are not obvious from the outside but are buried or damage the permanent teeth at the bottom can lead to long-term tooth loss and tooth distortions.

Toothaches can have many causes. Sometimes serious pain can be heard even when food is squeezed between the teeth. It's a temporary pain. If there is a constant, sleep-inducing type of pain, the dentist should be consulted before waiting for the return of the holiday.

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