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Online support for over 65

Banabi, an online shopping platform, has launched a new campaign for citizens over the age of 65 who have curfews as part of the coronavirus measures. Within the scope of the campaign, citizens aged 65 and over who are forbidden to go out during the epidemic period will be able to order their grocery needs from Banabi without paying extra shipping fees using the 153 line of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. A commercial was released in Banabi about the campaign announced by Yemeksepeti CEO Nevzat Aydin on Twitter. The campaign, which drew attention to the slogan "We Exist So You Don't Go Out", said, "Our citizens who are not very close to technology over 65 years old can order their grocery needs at no extra cost."

Realme, one of the youngest phone brands in Turkey and the world, provides information and educational support to citizens over the age of 65 who follow the call of the #evdekal, regardless of phone brands, in order to continue to meet with their children and grandchildren without problems. As part of the service, which is currently scheduled to be delivered by the end of April, citizens over the age of 65 will call realme's 08504338588 no.lu customer service number, providing information on how to download WhatsApp,the most used chat and video calling program regardless of phone brand, how to chat on WhatsApp, how to make voice and video calls, and help them get closer to their children and grandchildren during the isolation period. In this context, information will be provided about the opening, use and pricing of the data line for those who do not have internet service in their home.

Within the scope of the service implemented, all users who call OPPO'scall center will be able to get support from the authorities on how to make a video call, regardless of the brand of smartphone they use. If their device does not have internet access, they will also be able to have guided information about how to open the data line through the operator they use. How to make a video call will also be explained step by step to oppo's call center and informed about the video applications of the smartphone. The answers to questions such as all the information to be given, all the referrals to be made, whether an amount will be reflected on the invoice when opening the data line will be especially useful for people over 65 years of age. This service will be available until the end of April, when only the WhatsApp app will be notified in the video call.

Oppo Turkey Call Center can be reached on 0850 433 67 76.

Musician and yoga instructor Mehtap Meral organizes private yoga classes for over-65s via her Instagram account. The courses, which are prepared taking into account advanced age and physical condition, are prepared for those who will do yoga for the first time. You can follow classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 12.30pm.

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