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Online event recommendations for the weekend

“Bear”, mentioned among the cult texts of Anton Chekhov, one of the greatest pens of world and Russian literature, Faces theater lovers with eye-filling performances by Enis Arikan and Şebnem Bozoklu Dec. In “bear,”a play about wanting, passionate desires are conveyed to the audience with the beauty of clichés. Whether it's a loan or a desire to grieve... maybe you can even ask when you don't want to. Are you ready to watch the comedy of a stereotype where love and hate intertwine with women and men and debts and bereavement? You can watch it on the challenging PSM YouTube channel.

Pera Museum, HYPERCORTEX collaboration and British Council with the support of the “Plastic Dreams stage” on March 12 virtual event venue meets with participants. The first event of the series, which blends visual arts with music “A Matter Of Taste's Opening Party.” it will be. The virtual party, which brings together the electronic music selection of IZ and the colorful visual world of Avgen, will continue with the performance of Flower Boy and Kubra Uzun.Dec. "Plastic Dreams scene" will continue with events on April 2 and May 7. Virtual activity area plastikdusler.com it can be reached at.

Friday, March 12 event schedule
20.00 Virtual door opening
20.30 Performance: iz and AVgen
21.15 Performance: Flower Boy and Kubra Uzun
Opening and closing set: DJ sensitive feelings

‘Ibrahim Selim and tonight’ continues in full swing, where Ibrahim Selim discusses Turkey and issues related to the agenda with surprise guest artists from different interests every week.  This week's guest of “Ibrahim Selim and tonight”, who appeared in front of the audience from both PSM online and Zorlu PSM YouTube channel, is the beloved singer Zeynep Bastik It has happened. 

The guest of the +1 Fest stage this Friday evening, which has surpassed six concerts in the first three weeks, will be Angel Mosso with his strong voice and acclaimed interpretation. Angel Mosso, Friday, March 12 at 22: 00, @artibir will meet his fans on his Instagram account. The second concert of this week will come from Pentagram, one of the most established bands in Turkish music. Famous band, Saturday March 13 at 22:00, music fans will be waiting on the @artibir Instagram account. For more information about the concerts, follow the @artibir Instagram account.

Yapı Kredi bomontiada's “music as much as the world” is broadcast live on Instagram account every Friday "World Acoustic” series, March 12 in the evening, Sedef Sebuktekin, one of the successful representatives of the new generation of music, is a guest. 21: 00Dilan Balkay and Kaan Arslan will accompany Sedef Sebuktekin on stage at the concert, while Nilipek will also participate in the concert as a guest artist. 

Canozan song“Bulu Beni” performed in Sofar Istanbul in 2015 attracted the attention of a wide audience Sedef Sebüktekin, 2016-2017 “until your dream”, “you are not crazy” and “today I will drink” recorded in his home and continued on his way with self-reflecting songs. In 2017-2018, Sebüktekin's song “I get lost”, which continues to produce and share acoustic songs such as “days are short”, as well as songs combined with electronic elements such as “you want”, “Watching You Sleep” and “I get lost”, was featured in the first Turkish Netflix series Hakan guard in 2018. In 2019, she released the singles “Deca”, “I have to forget”, “Let Your Eye Be Full” and ”from afar” in 2020.

“World acoustic” concerts within the scope of “World As Much Music”, organized under the sponsorship of Yapı Kredi World, can also be viewed via puhutv after the broadcast. 

Psoriasis Sebuktek

History: Friday, March 12, 2021

Hour:   21:00

Address: IG @yapikredibomontiada

Sakip Sabancı Museum offers the opportunity to visit online exhibitions such as Dali, Miro, Monet, which have been widely talked about in past years. There are also various educational and event announcements on the museum's website.  (sakipsabancimuzesi.org/tr)

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