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Online event calendar of the week (February 8-14)

In these tours, Arter exhibition guides open a selection of works around a different theme each week to participants ' comments. Online tours that take an approach that encourages participants to interpret works by associating them with their own life experiences every Monday 19: 00-20: 00 it will take place between Dec. Participation in online guided tours free. Limited-participation tours require booking to allow more time for dialogue and discussion.

Online connection medium: Zoom
For booking: [email protected]

In addition to being a timeless text that keeps every period up to date, “Antigone”is also engraved in memory as one of Sophocles ' stimulating tragedies that lead the audience to think. Songül Öden and Güven Murat Akpınarhe will have the opportunity to witness this timeless story with his fascinating performance. In the game, which focuses on the discourse” you exist as much as you believe in this life", the need for people to believe in the truth of their actions is emphasized, while praising the pleasure of this faith.Jun. You can watch”Antigone " from the challenging PSM YouTube channel in digital format with a cruising experience you've never experienced before.

DasDas Online brings together art lovers with a special program in February with dasdas ' theatrical plays, children's games that little theatergoers will enjoy, and narrated Radio, where the unique stories of Sabahattin Ali meet music. Mert Fırat master writer Sabahattin Ali’digitized with the contributions of Aras Kargo, accompanied by music by Korhan Futaci and his orchestra while singing the stories of nin 'Narrated Radio’ Saturday February 13 at 21.15 pm on DasDas online, music stories will be brought together with the audience.

Wouldn't you like to crown Valentine's day with a wonderfully prepared table, a stylish and simple cake, or delicious handmade chocolates? Academy of Culinary Arts, Valentine's day special workshops to raise the smells of love from the kitchen. On this special day, those who want to prepare dishes that will not be forgotten, tastes that will not come out of their minds, participate in MSA's Valentine's day workshops.

For Chocolate's Sake / / Wednesday, February 10, 10.00-14.00

Thursday February 11, 10.00-15.00

Thursday February 11, My Darling Menu // 16.00-19.00 - 12 February Friday, 16.00-19.00

For all other workshops of MSA you can visit the address.

Akbank Sanat continues its cultural and artistic activities in February on social media channels under the umbrella of “Akbank Sanat home”. Akbank Sanat, which brings children together with the magical world of Art, invites little ones to make art with fun and creative workshops in February.

Workshops prepared by art instructor Barış Karayazgan Akbank Sanat Youtube every Saturday it can be viewed on your channel. The workshops February include Roy Lichtenstein: comics and animation, Andy Warhol: illustration and Pop Art, and Claes Oldenburg: sculpture and Pop Art, taking children on a fun journey to different stops in art history. Workshops aimed at transferring the development of art to children from antiquity to medieval art, from Renaissance to Modern Art, closely look at historical art productions such as home paint making, papermaking, stained glass, glass painting with art talks as well as activities on the subject.

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