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Online event calendar (January 4-10)

Realized under the main sponsorship of Akbank Virtual Contemporary Istanbul, It has been open for viewing since December 21 after a preview on December 19-20. January 6ending in Virtual Contemporary Istanbul, there are 37 galleries, 550 artists and 1500 works from 11 countries and 13 initiatives; 17 Days of sightseeing free... May April 27-May 2 due to adverse conditions around the world, Contemporary Istanbul will hold its physical edition.

Platform Theatre, a theatre company founded in December 2015 by actor and director Mark Levitas and dramaturg-writer Ceren Ercan to focus on contemporary content and forms in the field of Performing Arts YouTube the channel has two short games that you can watch for free. Roland Schimmelpfennig, one of the important writers of Contemporary German theatre, wrote at the beginning of the pandemic process and included a prediction of the days to come “The Show Can't Go On” I Alican Yücesoy, written by Wolfram Lotz in the pandemic process "Impossible Theater” yu, on the other hand, can watch Elif Urse's performances. 

Storytel 50 contemporary theatre plays performed by famous names are waiting for you on the Podacto platform. Be sure to follow these games, voiced by popular players from domestic and foreign writers!

8 thousand years of a capital from Bizantion to Istanbul, you can follow the exhibitions of Miró, Dali, Monet and Picasso through the website of the Sabancı Museum.

Bonus: What will we watch in January?

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