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Online event calendar (December 21-27)

DasDas airs its games on the digital platform. For Westend (end of the West), which will take place live on the evening of Wednesday, December 23 dasdasonline.com you can get tickets through it.  Moritz Rinke's play, in which he reveals the comedy of all the individual tragedies of this century in jarring language, is one of the most important productions of the last period...


Two acts / 110 minutes / 13 years and over

As Eduard and Charlotte welcome an old friend and neighbor whom they reunite with years later in their new home in an upscale neighborhood far from the city, Pandora's box begins to open, topics that are not dared to talk about, guests wandering the borders, overturning our prejudices with their unexpected transformation as the hours pass.

By Moritz Rinke
Edited By: Hakan Saygun
Supervisor: Hakan Savaş Mican
Directed By: David Cameron
Starring: Evren Bingöl, Gün Koper, Mert Fırat, Naz Çağla Irmak, Tülin Özen, Pervin Bağdat
Light Design: Cem Yilmazer
Costume Design: September Gürcan
Choreography: Deniz Equestrian
Project Coordinator: Ezgi Ayvali
Game Assistant: Berna Çelikkaya, Çağan Timur

Since 2006, the new text project, which aims to discover new playwrights and open up space for contemporary playwriting, is meeting the audience for the ninth time this year. Galataperform's only festival in the field of playwriting continues to open space for new writers and directors this year, as always. The Future-themed festival, which starts on December 15, runs until December 24. There are readings of plays by seven new playwrights, as well as panels, interviews, workshops and projects. Yeniperform.com you can access it through the address.

The exhibits in Pera Museum are inspired by Jackal delicacies. On the YouTube channel Jackal delicacies, Emir Yargin first tours Pera Museum, and then shares delicious recipes inspired by exhibitions with his followers. Emir Yargin, who gave the recipe “Pumpkin Spice Latte” from the favorite flavors of the winter season after visiting the miniature 2.0 exhibition in the episode published on November 13, also shared the recipe "Palace rice with Turkey" inspired by the intersecting worlds: ambassadors and painters and Osman Hamdi Bey exhibitions in the episode published on December 11. You can access the recipes on the coyote flavors YouTube channel and visit the exhibits digitally through the Pera Museum website.

Istanbul Modern Cinema, Turkish Tuborg A.P.with the contribution of, We are also there, where he brings together brand new films from Turkish cinema!Dec. his program celebrates its ninth anniversary this year. Online and free the program, which will take place last year, consists of films that are intriguing, have returned from festivals with awards, but have not found their rightful place in the vision. So we have!notable for winning the award at the Critics ' Week Of The Venice Film Festival, where it opened its world premiere, Azra Deniz Okyay’s her first feature Ghosts doing. The Film follows the intersecting story of four characters who go after their own troubles in a neighborhood that is made more dystopian by the power outage across Istanbul. Ferit Karol's Kumbara, which received the “Behlul Dal Best First Film Award” at this year's Golden Orange Film Festival, where ghosts also returned with five awards, including “Best Film”, tells the story of a middle-class man's new struggle for life with debt left over from his friend, whom he vouched for. Among the films to be shown is a building that handles the manipulation of reality perception in the thriller-horror genre through the deadly force emitted by a television antenna decked on the roof of an apartment building. So we have! an important part of his selection belongs to documentaries such as the states of matter, Mimaroglu, Ah Gözel Istanbul, Miss Holocaust Survivor, which are mentioned a lot this year.  

In addition to screenings, short interviews will be held with the directors and actors of the films. Interviews take place on Istanbul Modern's YouTube channel. 

Cédric Grolet, who brings his work, which turns cake making into art, to his guests at the “patisserie”on Avenue de l'opéra, invites Lena Mahfouf to a unique workshop within the framework of current health measures. In order to provide ideas for the “small” invitation tables to be prepared for the upcoming new year's Eve, the chef coaches Lena and shows her the intricacies of making one of her signature flavors, Saint-Honoré, in the form of a log cake in accordance with the new year's concept. This exquisite dessert, inspired by Alain Ducasse chocolates, is patterned” toile de Jouy" Dior Maison it's served on plates. Gastronomy and Entertainment, which is also the passion of Christian Dior, are once again combined with this special tasting experience Dec. You can follow Dior's Youtube channel to watch the footage from the workshop, which features joyous moments.

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