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Online event calendar (December 1-7)

By the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and art (IKSV), T.C. Istanbul Film Festival, organized with the support of the Ministry of culture and tourism, with the last selection of the year and a competition for Human Rights in cinema December 4-24 it's a digital re-audience. 39, which took place with the support of the High-contributing theme sponsor Zorlu Holding. 21 new films are shown in the Istanbul Film Festival “an equal life” selection. 10 films will compete, the theme sponsor of which is supported by the delegation of the European Union to Turkey, The Human Rights competition in cinema is also part of the selection.

December selection screenings of 21 films to be shown for the first time in Turkey filmonline.iksv.org the address is carried out as online. This latest selection of 2020 brings together films that focus on decency, diversity, sharing, dialogue. The festival's Films About Human Rights in cinema are also included in this selection. 39. Istanbul Film Festival” an equal life: December selection "is supported within the framework of Zorlu Holding's diversity and inclusion-oriented gender equality approach called Equal Bi' Life. 

This year, BASE introduced the works of newly graduated artists to art lovers in its fourth edition of the “Far near” contact. Base 2020, which has garnered great acclaim and interest, continues to be watched on its website for those who cannot visit. Art lovers www.base.through the ist link, they can review the works individually, get detailed information about the theme, exhibition and artists.

Community Bodrum, which is formed by young entrepreneurs from different sectors who live in Bodrum and aim to benefit Bodrum, will perform all the physical activities it plans to perform in 2020 due to the pandemic online in December Dec.

Basement community; a community meeting community that performs regularly in the month of December every Tuesday day Tuesday’ effectiveness by moving to the online environment, in a way that is open to everyone who is wondering ‘Community Tuesday // pop up Community Meetings’ will perform under the name of the British Council's programme of support to women in the culture of power, world-renowned British artist Abigail Reynolds alumni network will welcome you with an online event with the support of Bosch and finally ‘Stories transforms how communities? he will hold an online storytelling workshop called'.

The Academy of Culinary Arts invites those who want to listen to the kitchen, learn in the kitchen and benefit from the unifying power of the kitchen to Carnival, the largest radio platform in Turkey. The sounds are rising in the kitchen with interesting MSA content and podcasts and playlists where you can hear all the sounds of the kitchen!

 As part of the new collaboration, MSA's podcasts and playlists are now included in the Carnival, and the distinctive sound of the kitchen is growing! MSA, for those who want to learn the kitchen and benefit from the unifying power of the kitchen, with podcasts prepared by expert guests, special playlists where you can feel the rhythm of the kitchen, intriguing video content about eating and drinking and eating Karnaval.com and Carnival is waiting for you in the app.

24. The Istanbul Theatre Festival ended today, but due to intense interest from the audience, the online screening dates were extended until December 14. Detailed information about 10 online games that attract interest 10 online games at the 24th Istanbul Theatre Festivalreferences 

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