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Omega presented the 2021 collection

First produced in 1957, the OMEGA Seamaster 300 represents one of the most famous watches in underwater history. Admired by divers for generations, the clock has remained an icon for more than 60 years. In 2021, the newest collection of models meets you. Not only are they thinner than previous versions thanks to the new sapphire glass, they also refer to many vintage items and feature all-new Master Chronometer updates.

Constellation, born in 1952, has acquired a permanent place as Omega's symbol of beauty and tenderness. Engraved with distinctive claws and Half-Moon facets, this iconic look first appeared in 1982. OMEGA is adding a new line of Small Seconds models, enriched with extra diamonds and a range of unique details, to the collection, which has since become one of the most recognizable watch designs in the world.

The elegant and subtle De Ville Trésor comes with a new generation of male models in 2021. The exclusive family of models is Omega's ultimate language of simple and refined design, but delivers an exceptional level of Precision certified in the Master Chronometer standard. This year the collection will be presented in a new sub-quadrant design, a wide range of colors and materials. Classic watch lovers must see models…

Time is valuable in Aqua Terra watches, where diamonds and rubies are used as watch markers. The 2021 models represent elegance with their embossed wave motif dials and luxurious peas, offering a magnificent look. Perfect for women who like to look at dazzling watches.

In 2021, OMEGA embraces the ‘dark side ' with a dark model of its famous diving watch. First released in 1993, in this breathtaking new Diver 300M model, OMEGA took advantage of the versatility of ceramics to create a watch consisting of contrasting shades of a single color. As always, OMEGA stayed true to the original design of the 300m, allowing the watch to meet all the necessary diving functions. Seamaster Diver 300M Black Black does not tire the eye and is easily read even in the dark. 

OMEGA is an astronaut whose mastery of the global clock and shared history with the famous American Space Agency highlight bold branding features
it honors the friendly with a series of new Velcro® belts. NASA's famous red, white and blue planet-shaped emblem, nicknamed ‘meatball’, launched in 1959, stylishly reflects the space age optimism of the mid-20th century.

With bold embroidery, logos and space-age design, OMEGA Velcro® straps fit perfectly with Moonwatch. But you can match the straps to any watch and you don't need to be an astronaut to take advantage of the ‘adjustability’ feature. It is an excellent accompanist on sports and work days, as it will provide an incredibly great convenience in high temperatures, when your body swells while exercising, or when you want to readjust to your thinning wrist.

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