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Now is skiing time in Erciyes

It's time to open the ski season! While we were thinking about where to go for skiing, we decided to try Erciyes. I'm glad we made that decision! Erciyes Ski Resort has the longest and most comfortable slopes I have been to in recent years. There are so many options; Unlike Uludag or Kartalkaya, you can enjoy skiing comfortably, without worrying about the crowds. It also doesn't search for runways in Europe, which are suitable for boarders with plenty of snow.

The weather is generally sunny, suitable for skiing.  The last time we went, we only had one day of foggy weather. Magna Hotel chains, which have opened in recent years, have brought a great color to Erciyes Ski Resort. It does not search European countries with its restaurants, lounge and private bakery. I usually have low expectations for hotel buffets. That's what I thought when I went to Magna, but every dish I tried was delicious and carefully prepared. Be sure to try the sushi bar and meats in particular. Do not return at noon without trying sausage bread or hot wine on the piste side.

In addition to skiing activities, Vanilin Chocolate holds a handmade chocolate workshop at Magna Hotel at 13:30 on weekends, and I recommend attending this event. It tastes different to stop skiing with the delicious chocolates you make yourself.

Here's what you need to know:

-We took the 22:00 flight after friday evening working hours and returned on Sunday evening. We've been able to take two full days.

-The journey from Kayseri Airport to Erciyes takes between 30-45 minutes. I suggest you contact the hotel for a transfer.

-There are other chain hotels in the vicinity, I haven't tried it, but if you try, share it with me.

-There are tracks for every level, don't think about whether it's hard or easy. There were also those in our group who were not interested in skiing but they had a good time in the hotel and the resort and did not get bored.

-Skipass are daily and pass on every track. For more information , see the www.erciyeskayakmerkezi.com site.

-One of my favorite applications for safety reasons is the requirement of helmets on the tracks. You can also rent helmets from ski rentals.

-In addition, all the equipment in the Magna Hotel facilities where we rented our skis was very high quality and in a new condition; we were also very pleased with the ski room and staff.

Long story short, Erciyes is a candidate to be the rising star of our country in ski sports with both new slopes and facilities.


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