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Notes on BluTV in June

The beloved digital platform continues to offer its members a variety of content in June. ‘Colorful dreams Hotel’, where Okan Bayulgen will dive into deep conversations with his guests in different hotels, starts on June 9. 

Six new Discovery+content are being added to the platform's archive this month. Sean Penn‘Citizen Penn’, which tells the story of the most notorious serial killer in American history, ‘Ed Gein: the Real Psycho’ and ‘Groomed’, a documentary film about filmmaker Gwen van de Pas returning to her town to face her past and decide whether to report the man who molested her as a child to the police, will meet the audience on the popular digital platform. Political documentaries such as ‘the Choice 2016’, ‘Putin's Way’ and ‘the Rise of ISIS’ will also take their place on the platform in June.

Starring Jessica Biel, ‘Limetown’, which tells the story of a journalist who goes after the mystery of the disappearance of three hundred people at a neuroscience research facility, will be watched exclusively on BluTV for 6 months. 

Sitting in the director's chair is Oscar-winning director Steve McQueen, who tells the breathtaking story of four women who staged a bank robbery to cover up their husbands ' debts 'Widows’, starring Ethan Hawke and Julie DelpyJune's highlights include ‘Before Sunset’, the second film in the famous trilogy that brought together ‘before Sunset ‘and’ You Were Never Really Here', which led Joaquin Pheonix to return with The 'Best Actress Award' from the Cannes Film Festival in 2017 Dec.

‘Little Children', starring Kate Winslet and Jennifer Connelly, and ‘All Or Nothing’, starring Timothy Spall, by Mike Leigh, will deliver impressive dramas to viewers, while the true story of a pilot forced to make a forced landing on the Hudson River Tom Hanks‘Sully’, directed by Clint Eastwood, starring 'Sully', will give viewers exciting minutes on BluTV. 

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