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Nostalgic Paris tour from Louis Vuitton

We're dealing with a brand new campaign from Louis Vuitton. Marie-Amélie Sauvé takes over the styling in the video, which consists of images taken by Bruce Weber on the island of Saint Louis on the Seine in the heart of Paris.  The campaign showcases products from the brand's spring collection and features LV's famous ambassadors such as Michelle Williams, Jennifer Connelly, Adèle Exarchopoulos and Sasha Lane.

The island of Saint Louis, known as the home of famous names such as the French poet Baudelaire, the scientist Marie Curie and the US writer Ernest Hemingway, has views of Notre Dame Cathedral in central Paris. In the campaign video "Avant garde", photographer Weber takes fashion lovers on a Louis Vuitton-signed tour of the streets of Paris. "Series 6" will begin its promotions starting tomorrow with the campaign video.

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