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New trends from the world of decoration

This year, the exhibition showcased unique decorative objects from around the world and the most exclusive and refined pieces of designers in a section that categorized as "Unique&Eclectic", unlike previous years. Instead of angular modern lines on furniture, organic forms were used. Ethnic details certainly stood out in this episode. What many brands used in their new collections had ethnic influences in common. We can summarize ethnic decoration as reflecting the traces of experiences indoors. You can carry this trend in your home by including handcrafted accessories, contrast colored parts, solid wood and brass details together in your home.


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The Belgian AP Collection stand was undoubtedly one of the most remarkable stands of the fair. All of the plush designs with fun and message content are handmade. The story of the brand is just as interesting as the products they design. The brand's creators, Alexis and Pauline, were sending each other plush toys during their long-distance relationship. When they got together, they decided to turn their story into a brand. All these fun designs are the result of a love story.


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Doing Goods was another of the most notable brands at the fair. They offer a collection of different, colorful and accessible products with the pieces they collect from different parts of the world and the designs they produce in small workshops. Animal-shaped carpets, cast handles and knitted baskets are definitely among my favorites. Different materials such as wood, brass, bronze, ceramics and wicker are used in the designs. The brand's travel-loving founders say the products are the result of their love of treasure hunting and their enthusiasm for meeting the craftsman.


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Ceramic artist Alice Gavalet lives in Paris. It designs decorative products using voluminous and glossy ceramic pieces. These fun designs emerge with an unruly, friendly and energetic approach to art. Alice Gavalet's colorful lampshade Maison & Objet is one of my favorites.


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Us designer Jonathan Adler's self-titled brand, which aims to design all the products needed to design flawless and stylish homes, was among the standout booths at the fair. The hand-shaped objects of the brand, which has a wide range of products from accessories to furniture, textile products to lighting, are among my favorites. Jonathan Adler designs, which have become objects of desire, can be accessed from Beymen stores in Turkey.

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Kutnia was one of the Turkish brands that joined Maison&Objet. Kutnia is a Turkish brand that adapts fabrics produced using traditional techniques to the present day with its designs and does not hesitate to use colors and patterns together. Gaziantep's clothing and home textile products, which they designed using traditional kutnu fabric, were also met with great interest at the fair. In almost all their designs, they use valuable fabrics woven by Kutnu masters on hand machines. Aiming to transfer this centuries-old culture to the future, the young brand is confidently advancing its goal.


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