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New trend lines in home decoration

One of the issues we pay attention to in interior designs is to avoid the parts we use as much as possible from looking obsolete in the long run. For this reason, we always choose "trend" parts from moving parts or accessories that can change easily. The 5 highlights of the seasonwill never be obsolete, the right time to move into your home. Let's move! We begin with small tips on how striped patterns can be used indoors.

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Try using striped wallpapers on a single façade of your choice indoors. The secret of the line will make the wall look wider when used widely indoors, as in clothes. When applied to the neck, it will cause a higher perception of the ceiling height. Remember, the devil is in the small details.

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Patterned rugs are one of our favorites in the summer months this season. Striped rugs are among the many we will see this season. If you want to capture some contrast and furnish your home in an eclectic style, try using striped rugs with partially more classic pieces.

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Your seats are obsoleting, it's time to overhaul and change the floorboards! Gather your courage Choose striped upholstery fabric for a single sofa or seat, and opt for a single color that you will catch through the striped fabric for your other sofas or seats. Rest assured, you won't regret the result.

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And we're in the mess that I use a lot in my projects right now. We increase the dose of courage a little more, we use different patterns together. Next to the lines are accompanied by pötikares, polkabs, floral patterns. Don't worry about what it's all going to look like when deciding on fabrics. It's happening, it's so beautiful! Let the bravest raise their fingers!

a couch with pillows
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