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New perfume recommendations for the new year

At first glance, this perfume will fascinate you with its bottle and combines with the notes of orange blossom praline.

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In the revamped Miss Dior, the most striking fragrances are the mixture of Turkish Damascus rose and Grasse rose. Among the notes that followed, blood oranges, mandarins, redwood bergamot and lemon add a fresh, youthful refreshment to the perfume.

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Featuring Emilia Clake in her campaign, the revamped The One is notable for being both powdery and fresh. The white lily, which stands out on the top note, is accompanied by Italian bergamot, mandarin essences, silky lychee and flowers of sweet white peach.

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The perfume, which leaves a soft effect with the smell of patchy, orange blossom and almond milk left on your skin, deserves the title of the most special gift with its most bottle design.

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Bloom, the first perfume produced under the leadership of Creative Director Alessandro Michele, impresses with natural tuberoz extract and jasmine notes. Feminine, floral and slightly powdery perfume also stands out with its minimal bottle design.

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How about a full winter scent with intense ginger and sandalwood scents? The perfumer who prepared the fragrance designed the perfume and its bottle, inspired by strong, free and courageous women.

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The perfume, which combines oriental fragrances in its white bottle, makes a name for itself as a woody fragrance with notes of vanilla and jasmine.

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Gaultier, known in the fashion world for its extraordinary designs, appeared this year with a perfume called 'Scandal' that is just in his name. Its distinctively gardenia and blood orange-smelling honey combines with fresh fragrance patches and caramel.

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The love stories of Victoria's Secret models inspired Love. Fresh air, fresh juniper and apricot flowers that have just bloomed are the fragrances that stand out in perfume.

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Vanilla and musk are on the lower notes of the perfume, which exuberries a fruity and sugary air with its raspberry smell

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Consisting of two different perfumes that can be mixed, Eve Duet combines Radiant with its radiant, woody floral perfume Sensual, opening the door to different combinations with its radiant and refreshing floral fruity smell.

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