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New normally the 6 most curious topics

Turkey has entered the process of "normalization" after the Eid al-Fitr holiday. In this new period, "What should be considered on your return to work? Is it inconvenient to take a vacation, go to the sea or the pool? What should we pay attention to on public transport?" Listing the 3 unchanged elements of the normalization process as mask use, social distancing and compliance with hygiene rules, Anadolu Health Center Infectious Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. Elif Hakko said, "The question of whether the effect of the virus decreases with the warming of the weather is too much. Coronaviruses are known to be not resistant to ultraviolet rays. A US study has shown that the effect of the virus's proliferation decreases with increased air temperature. But in South America, where the temperature is high, the number of cases is also confusing. In the summer, transmission of the virus is expected to decrease due to the presence outdoors in larger areas."Associate Professor Elif Hakko underlined that this does not mean that we can abandon the measures.

Explaining that the use of masks is necessary not only on the way to work but also in the working environment, Doç. Dr. Elif Hakko said, "It is important to use the mask to fully cover the mouth and nose in working environments, to wash hands frequently or to clean them with hand sanitizer, and to put a distance of up to 1.5 meters between colleagues." Reminding that social distancing rules should be observed in meetings, open offices, food and tea, coffee breaks, especially when the mask is removed, Doç. Dr. Elif Hakko said, "Masks should not be removed without disinfecting hands and should not be left around."

Air conditioners are risky in terms of spreading viruses, associate professor Elif Hakko said. Therefore, if possible, the windows should be opened and ventilation should be provided. It is ok to use air conditioners that only you use at home or in your own private car."

Assoc. Dr. Elif Hakko said that shopping malls should not be visited as much as possible. Associate Professor Elif Hakko reminded the importance of keeping shopping mall visits short, opting for escalators instead of elevators and avoiding contact with surfaces. Associate Professor Elif Hakko said that if the dressing cabinet is to be tried, it is necessary to make sure that the cabin is cleaned after each customer, not to stay inside for a long time and to clean the hands after contact with surfaces.

The masks should be ensured to be worn correctly and the mask should not be touched, said Associate Professor Elif Hakko. Using gloves isn't right. When gloves are worn, gloves are easily touched everywhere and can be touched on the mask and face with gloved hands. Special items such as bags and mobile phones can be contaminated with dirty gloves. Instead, it is better not to wear gloves and to disinfect hands frequently."

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Assoc. Dr. Elif Hakko stated that with the arrival of the summer months, there are many questions about whether it is risky to enter the sea or pool. Towels should be personal, sunbeds should be wiped after each use."

Commenting on restaurants and entertainment venues, Assoc. Dr. Elif Hakko said, "The Ministry of Health is introducing some regulations for restaurants. Both businesses and customers should follow these recommendations. There is a common view that the buffet is risky as the serving spoons and plates are touched by everyone. On the other hand, if the dishes are washed at high temperatures, the container, fork, spoon is not risky. However, after washing, it is important that these are transmitted directly to the customer, without being ellent by everyone. Likewise, the virus is not transmitted by food."

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