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New makeup trends of autumn

Although we are not accustomed to a lot of color in the eyes, do not be surprised when you encounter vivid color headlights such as yellow and blue. You can also choose metallic headlights instead of colored headlights. If none of this is your style and you are always in favor of naturalness, don't worry, natural eyes are also in fashion this season.

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Eyeliners seem to be indispensable this season. But such ordinary eyeliners are ancient. Now the eyeliners that you create with graphic patterns or pulled from the top and bottom are trending. You can also use vibrant colors as live eyeliner if you want. Don't forget to take advantage of the white eyeliner.

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This season, dark colors will be trending on the lips rather than nude colors. If you're bored with monochromes and looking for changes in your lips, you can add a different and original feel to your lips using two shades of the same color. Those who are tired of matte lipsticks can try the glass/transparent look on their lips because you will see a lot of this this season.

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If you like doing different things for your eyelashes, you'll love this season's trends. Because spider eyelashes are trendy this season. If you wish, you can adapt to this season's fashion by painting your eyelashes in vibrant colors.



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Good news for those who do not want to give up naturalness! Pink and peach tone blush, which always creates both very healthy and naturalness, will again be indispensable for the autumn winter season of 2017-2018.  These shades, which are loved by those who want a natural look and shine on your face, will reveal your natural beauty.

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This season you've seen how colorful both headlights and eyeliners are. Eye pencils are also very colorful this season. You can use any color from green to orange, purple to yellow. Neon-colored pencils will also appear a lot this year. Don't forget to add white to your make-up bag!

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