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New Gossip Girl review by Blake Lively

Variety magazine welcomes six famous and successful women on its cover in its new issue with the theme of 'the power of women'.

One of them was actor and fashion icon Blake Lively. Lively explained her personal life. Lively, who has more than 15 million followers on Instagram, explained that she distances herself from the internet.

"I've been Googled my name nonstop before, and I'm finally depressed," Lively said, adding that she ended the habit.

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Among those wondering is how Lively, a 29-year-old actress and mother of two, runs her business and family life together. Lively's answer is always to choose the family.

"He thinks people should always pursue their careers. Ryan and I have had to pull out of projects we love so many times to keep our family together. It is your family that brings success and happiness."

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Blake Lively has hit back at the possibility of a remake of the hit television series "Gossip Girl." I've learned never to say 'never' in life."

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