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New Generation Makeup: Lip Oils

Thanks to its double-phase structure, Juicy Shaker both makes lips vibrant and care for the lips with its nourishing fat content. This nutritious colored lip oil, which does not leave a sticky feeling, provides care for your lips throughout the day. The cranberry oil in it takes on the protection of the lips, while the peach seed oil softens your lips. ($69)

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It feeds the lips with carite oil in its content, while at the same time moaning. Thanks to its oily texture, it gives a wet appearance. It gives lips a bright appearance with 7 different transparent colors.

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Lipstick containing these nourishing oils gives the lips color, while the apricot kernel in the formula eliminates the feeling of dryness on the lips with jojoba oils. In short, it both cares and reveals permanent colored lips throughout the day. ($98)

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Clarins' lip care oil in a jelimsi form includes jojoba and hazelnut oils. From the moment you put it on, you will notice the softness on your lips. It provides a full and bright look on your lips. ($73)

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