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New films coming into vision this week

"Sicario Day of the Soldado"tells the story of two contrasting heroes who struggle with drugs and manage to enter the brutal world of American foreign policy in a thriller and action-packed way. Following the success of the first film, this sequel also stars Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro.

When drug cartels start smuggling terrorists across the U.S. border, federal agent Matt Graver (Josh Brolin) contacts Alejandro (Benicio Del Toro). Alejandro's job is to escalate the situation, as his family is killed by a cartel boss. Alejandro kidnaps the cartel boss's daughter to inflame the situation. The girl's fate will be in the hands of these two men.

"Sicario Day of the Soldado",which I think Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro are a very cool duo together, is the favorite of the week for me with its uns falling pace and successful script.

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Starring Oscar winner Helen Mirren and veteran actor Donald Sutherland, "Caravan" tells the story of a couple who run across the country in their old caravans, bored with the unbearable care of their doctors and the attention of their children. John, who easily loses his focus, has Alzheimer's disease and his wife Ella has cancer. They first drive from Boston to Key West in their old caravan, which they call "The Leisure Seeker." For them, this journey will be a journey in which old memories, their love for each other, their passion for life are questioned again, rediscovering their inner world. This production, in particular, where two master names show off all their skills, is one of the highlights of the week.


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Based on Romain Puertolas' bestselling novel of the same name, directed by Ken Scott and starring Dhanush, Gerard Jugnot, Berenice Bejo and Erin Moriarty, "Poor: The Extraordinary Journey of an Indian Poor" is one of this summer's expected films.
Aja, a young Indian poor man who lives on the streets of Racastan in India, decides to go to France after the death of his mother to find his father, whom he never knew. But from the moment he sets foot in Paris, nothing goes as planned. At the end of his journey with a strange taxi driver, he finds himself in a city-by-city IKEA, drenched in love with a beautiful girl named Marie. When Aja accidentally stays in a closet at ikea and is shipped, this time she finds herself in another city in Europe. It will not be easy for Aja, who has been tossed to many places along the way, to return to Paris and reunite with her beloved daughter Marie and her father.



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The most extraordinary film of the week is based on a true story. A group of friends who have been coming together every year since they were kids and playing "you have my hand" have made it a tradition. This year, however, there is a different situation; The never-beaten player of the group will be married on this exact date and is therefore seen by other friends as an easy target. But things are not going to go as planned. The film, which I have been looking forward to since the first day I saw the trailer, has many famous favorite names in its lead roles. These include Ed Helms, the star of the "One Night of Disaster" series, Jake Johnson, best known for "New Girl," Annabelle Wallis, who last appeared in "The Mummy," Jon Hamm, who won two Golden Globes for "Mad Men," Marvel's Hawkeye, Jeremy Renner, and Isla Fisher, a beautiful member of the Wizards Gang. The film is directed by Jeff Tomsic.


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If you're a horror and thriller fan like me, we've got a movie coming out this week. Pregnant with twins, Mary lost a baby during childbirth and is now the only child who has managed to live the whole world. But as time passes, Mary realizes that a supernatural being is struggling to get this baby, too, and embarks on a relentless struggle. Notable for its young actors despite its classic script, "Unborn" is worth a try for lovers of the genre.


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