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New Face of Cara Delevingne Puma

From the first day Rihanna became Puma creative director, we were beginning to get signals that there would be a revival in the women's category. "I'm constantly challenging myself to succeed. I don't do what I do to provoke a reaction or create controversy. I'm just living my own life," the rihanna-inspired new collection reveals the greatest power of women: Being You.

Cara Delevingne sitting on a street

The face of Rihanna's "This Is You" campaign, in which she serves as Creative Director, is one of the coolest, most powerful women in recent years: Cara Delevingne.

Cara Delevingne wearing a black hat and black skirt

From the way you wear your daily clothes to the training program, these women who take full control of their life, who do not compromise anything, who are confident and do not lower their motivation no matter what, actually send us the message to all of us: "Be YOU to be yourself. It's You."

Cara Delevingne walking a dog on a leash

With the participation of international supermodel, actress and activist Delevingne, Puma's representative team of powerful women is getting bigger: in addition to Cara Delevingne, supermodel Didem Soydan is also showing her support for the "This Is You" message.

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#BuSensin campaign and accompanying new Puma collection meet enthusiasts in October.

Cara Delevingne running on a street
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