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New exhibition spaces in Gucci Garden


The opening exhibition is an installation dedicated to the 2017 music video The Gate, which brings together Björk and Alessandro Michele. Described as a glittering envelope that enslaves the story of the song's lyrics and performance, the magic dress was the focus of the clip.

Among the objects put together in the period rooms are dresses and masks worn at The Gate, which accompanied the first single from Björk's album Utopia, released last year. The song tells the story of the reinvention of love on an intimate and spiritual scale after an ending affair. The eye-catching dress is signed by Alessandro Michele, symbolizing björk's transformation into an extraordinary creature in the light of love.


In addition, valuable books that allow visitors to connect with the imagination triggered by the construction of both the clip and the dress are also included in the exhibition. The boutique downstairs features a book and magazine stand curated by Maria Luisa Frisa, offering insights into Björk's world.


In other news, a new selection of clothes and handbags bearing the work of London-based artist Isabella Cotier has also met with fashionistas. The artist's distinctive, playful, colorful and fake naivety illustrations feature in sweatshirts, hoodies, T-shirts and handbags. Cotier's work for Gucci is the result of doodle from eccentric local characters who are in his mind from the artist's observations while spending time in Florence's cafes, markets and streets. The collaboration with Cotier is the latest in Gucci Garden's artist design partnerships program, which begins with clothes and porcelain mugs bearing jayde fish's bizarre illustrations.


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