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New alternative to traditional taste

What should beef lamb in the doner rate? What should be done for marinas? How do we find the best master, where do we get him? Is the addition of tail oil too heavy? I've been looking for answers to a lot of questions, like whether we should do the lava ourselves in the tando, or get it ready. Of course, I had to experience dozens of rotarys in order to solve these questions and problems and to detect the differences between flavors.

At the end of the story, we couldn't open a rotary shop, but I can say that I have more or less reached the rank of gourmet in terms of rotary with my analysis, and they do it well in my hometown of Trabzon. It's a certainty that I've had a domination of returns since I was a little girl.

Now to how I found Flavor Co Doner in Nisantasi.

Although it is not yet in its first year, the biggest weapon of Flavor Co, which is listed as one of the top 10 doner makers in Turkey according to the preferences of gourmets and taste writers, is undoubtedly that they cook the rotary in the fire of oak wood. The wood fire is such an important detail for me that it affects my preference for whether or not to eat something in a doner shop that I don't know the flavor of.

Using beef thighs and lamb mattresses on the turn, the place has adjusted the ratio of meat very well. (Around 70 percent calf, 30 percent lamb...) As a result, you eat a doner that is neither too dry nor too greasy, which is one of the biggest reasons why it is not oily is due to the lack of extra tail oil in the marination of the rotary. The meat is literally scattered in your mouth with its juicy juicy and soft texture.

You can choose the doner over rice, in the form of burritos, with chubby bread or as portions. They serve 110 grams of rotary in one serving. If you want more, you can determine the weight yourself and order it.

The place manufactures its own lavash in tandodoves. Therefore, you can enjoy the warm pita with the doner. Next to the doner are homemade french fries, tomato salad and pickled peppers, which are innovatively laid out in shape.

Apart from the return of Flavor Co, I would also like to mention the extras it offers.   The Ottoman-era Tamarind Sherbet, which was served to you before your meal arrived, made from a mixture of many spices and known as appetizing, digestive regulator and energizing with its 400-year history, is one of the most beautiful differences of the place.

Buffalo Yogurt, made from daily buffalo milk by traditional methods at Flavor Co. is just as popular as its spinners. The Chili Buttermilks made with this buffalo yogurt are the signature flavor of the place we can call "signature". They were preparing this special buttermilk with the special chili water of the famous handmade pickles of The Bar region of Ankara. It's one of my most severe recommendations! I can even go for a drink once in a while. That's the degree!

On the menu is a delightful Tarragon Lentils made with tarragon brought from Gaziantep as soup.

Baklavas from Trabzon and Gaziantep are served for dessert. The hazelnuts sprinkled on the baklavas come from Ordu and the peanuts come from Gaziantep, as you can imagine. Besides baklavas, they also offer rice pudding, but I can't say that rice pudding suits my palate.

The service at Flavor Co. is very fast, the staff is relevant, the restaurant is comfortable and the quality, which is what the Fresh Casual philosophy they adopt requires. You can easily watch what is happening in the kitchen and keep track of the status of the doner. Their goal is to brand the philosophy of Turkish Cuisine and to create a global restaurant chain in a short time. Their first target is America.

In the meantime, you can order to Flavor Co. Döner by phone or online. While I don't much prefer to eat doner takeaways, I've found that they serve well-worth trying with painstaking package presentations to prevent heat loss. The restaurant also provides catering services to institutions for mass organizations.

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