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Neslihan Atagül said goodbye to the daughter of Sefirin

The 28-year-old actress shared to her instagram account yesterday: "Hello everyone. I say goodbye to The Nare I felt as I played. Although I tolerated it, my body did not show it to me. I need some rest :) Sefir's daughter salutes my team! Thank you, friends. And thank you to our audience, for your support. I'm glad you're with me. See you in other stories as soon as possible...

Neslihan Atagul, who had lost weight alarmingly recently, had been suffering from an intestinal disorder for some time.  28-year-old player What is permeable bowl syndrome? How to treat? he's been diagnosed. The famous actress, whose quality of life was severely affected due to the illness, had been reported for 10 days.

As part of the digestive system, nutrients continue to break down, Digest in our intestines, and are again absorbed here.  Intestinal cells are tightly lined up adjacent and in this form resemble a filter. In a healthy body, only harmless substances such as digested nutrients, liquids, vitamins and minerals can pass from our intestines into our blood. But the unhealthy functioning of this system causes unwanted substances such as harmful organisms and toxins to mix into our blood. This condition, which is related to the permeability of the intestinal wall, Permeable Bowel Syndrome is referred to as.

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