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Neck problems and breathing

In my sessions, I encounter many people who experience neck problems and I observe that breathing sessions have very positive effects on these problems.

The upper part of our body is related to issues such as our upper consciousness, spiritual awareness, love, compassion, understanding. The neck is also a symbol of resilience, spirituality and spirituality. All the glitches in the neck area are related to the inability of the soul to receive the energy of love.

Calcification, obstruction and pain in the neck area, resistance to the perspectives of others, dislike of innovations, refusal to go outside the molds, inability to stretch their own opinions and opinions.

When our neck area is open and healthy, our perspective on life and our perception of our choices are also clear. When this area is problematic, our view of life hardens. Therefore, my advice to those who have problems in the neck area is to participate in meditation and breathing...
We affect our lives and health at all times with our breathing and thinking. And the first step towards healing is to accept that limiting habits in our breathing and thought system prepare the ground for many diseases...

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