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Multicolored Home Decoration

Yesils yesils, if you are going to create houses with green tones, I can count mustard, yellow, coffee tones, beige and white as the most beautiful shades compatible with green. Fabric texture choices should be linen, cotton fabrics to give refreshment. The most beautiful complementary element of this decoration is accessories with a wicker touch. The best part about using Yesil is that you can use tonsurton... That's how you can bring out the Yesil more. If you have an idea to use wallpaper, you can still use linen textured paper as a texture. If you want to add dark shades in this decoration style, you can choose Mink, dark coffee shades. You can also use these colors by painting a single wall in one of these colors.

If you want to use shades of tile and mustard in your home, the best options you can combine are coffee and shades. If you want to go to lighter tones and use cold tones, you can also try very pale gray or black shades. Most importantly, what visual will you have? You can choose and reflect this with colors. When it comes to curtains and carpets, you can go for pale cream or off-white shades. ’ I want to have a more summer house ' if you say light tone jute colors will provide a beautiful harmony. In curtains, you can go mainly on linen. You can choose anthracite linen curtains if you say you want’ milky coffee shades or cold shades'. If you use white ceramic in accessories, you can reveal tile shades even more. Pale wood tones on furniture, very light whitish Oaks will again be the colors you can choose for this decoration. 

I usually think purple and purple reduce energy. But I would also like to add that there are colors that will never bother when used in certain parts of the House. For example, if the general house is in light tones; especially a white cushion, you can use these colors with a few swallows. Even on carpets ... you can add these recently fashionable ones with a faint authentic pattern to your decoration. Although you ask which colors you can combine; you can usually combine wood tones with gray tones. The most beautiful is that purple, magenta, lilac shades are very pleasant in houses with white tones, especially I should mention. Again, you can use beige, white, light coffee color, milky coffee shades on the curtains. The feeling of purple also includes a little transparent see-through fabrics. It is especially important that the sunshade tulles are in permeable texture. Bench tops in gardens, swing cushions, floor puffs look very, very nice.

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