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Most favorite honeymoon route: Seychelles

The Seychelles is a country of five islands, where blue meets green. The official language creole language is actually a kind of French, with a caribbean-African culture called "Creole" in general. Of course, English is also enough in such a touristic place; we had no problems with the language. We didn't need to use the local currency, the Seychelles Rupee, as we wouldn't be staying too long. You can pay anywhere with dollars and euros and all credit cards are used. If you want to use the local currency, you can get Seychelles rupees at the appropriate levels without encountering a very high exchange rate difference in airports and bazaars.

a tree on a beach

Another reason why seychelles have been popular recently is the ease of transportation. Thy has direct flights from Istanbul to Mahe Island two days a week and the flight takes about 8 hours. And you don't have to get a visa in advance. In addition, since the flight times are night, you can use all your days efficiently. We stayed at the Raffles Hotel on the island of Praslin; That's why we took seyschel airlines' 19-seater planes from Mahe Island to Praslin, where our hotel is located. The flight only takes 15 minutes, but you have a different experience. After the flight we made our transfer from the airport to the hotel by taxi and paid about $50. Seychelles is a bit expensive as it is a touristic place... The staff at the hotel we stayed at were welcoming and friendly, in keeping with the general weather in the Seychelles; by instantly assisting with almost everything, they made my holiday easier and more enjoyable.

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When staying on Praslin Island, we usually preferred the restaurants inside the hotel, they were all delicious from each other. The most famous if you want to try local delicacies and different restaurants on the island; Les Lauriers, Piroge Restaurant and Cafe Des Arts.

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We usually rent boats to visit the islands large and small that make up the Seychelles; their per capita wages were about $100-150. In the case of more crowded mass tours, many companies show tourists at more affordable prices.

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On the first day we went to Curieuse Island, one of the most recognized spots. The island is famous for its giant turtles, which can age up to 250 years. Turtles roam the beach comfortably among people, you can feed them or love them. After meeting turtles, you can go for a walk in the forest and explore the beauty of the island if you want. Definitely take your camera with you and take plenty of photos against breathtaking landscapes. If you complete the forest road, you can leave the other end of the island and swim from the beach there. There's even a restaurant in the same area that barbecues creole. The Seychelles habitat consists of reptiles, insecters and birds rather than large animals due to the island's proximity to Equator.

boats on a beach
a group of tortoises in a dirt pit
a wooden walkway through a forest

In addition, the undersea life of these unique islands is very rich. Explore the underwater world with snorkels, which you can rent very cheaply. We went to Saint Pierre Island, which was especially convenient for snorkeling. When the sea is not undulating, the riches of undersea are almost at your feet, with clear blue waters and white sands.

a rocky island with trees

We spent a day in Anse Lazio, considered one of the best beaches in the world, which you can see on many lists on the internet. My advice is to take all day to Anse Lazio and get enough of its beauty and nature. White sands, a forest with every shad of green in the background and a blue sea; Anse Lazio was one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen. On the beaches on the island you often meet locals selling coconuts and fruits, I recommend giving these different fruits a chance as well. The island is already a coconut paradise. We immediately opted for the restaurant closest to the beach for lunch. Especially the shrimp burger was delicious. To cool off, try seybrew, the island's local beer brand.

a beach with rocks and trees
a path with trees and buildings on the side

Another island you should see is La Digue. There are many ferry services to La Digue island from Jetty port throughout the day, and their prices are also affordable as they are owned by the state. Be sure to check the schedules before you go. As soon as you arrive at La Digue island, you are greeted by cyclists on the pier. Bicycles are the basis of transportation on this island. You can easily cycle around the island, especially since everything is flat. The whole daily bike rental fee is also very affordable, around $15. Meanwhile, souvenir shops in La Digue are more expensive than those at Praslin or Mahe Airport. If there's nothing you like very much, you can try your luck at the airport. Our preference for swimming on the island was Anse Source D'argent. In the small bays within the cliffs, you go to the sea intertwined with nature. According to Anse Lazio, the beach is more choppy and stony. Walk and explore the beach to the end. To get into the sea, I suggest you choose the original location because there is a wave breaker made of rocks.

a beach with rocks and a tree
a boat on the water
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