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Mickey Mouse 92 years old

Walt Disney's most famous character design Mickey, who made his screen debut on November 18, 1928 with his first synchronised audio animated film "Steamboat Willie", is preparing to celebrate his new age with colorful activities this year.

The celebrations began with a Mickey drawing contest on the Disney Channel Turkey Instagram (@disneychanneltr) page. As part of the competition, which runs until 11:59 p.m. on November 17, the winning drawings will be announced on Disney Channel screens on November 18, following posts with #sihirliyetenekler and #iyikidoğdunmickey labels. Gifts specially prepared for the birthday will also be sent to the owners of the drawings, which do not have a chance to appear on the screens. All you have to do to enter the drawing contest is to visit the @disneychanneltr page!

Among the celebratory activities that will take place through social media is a quiz. Disney Channel Turkey Instagram (@disneychanneltr) and Facebook pages, as well as Disney Turkey Facebook) and Disney Studios Turkey Instagram (@disneystudiosturkiye) pages will be held for the birthday with a colorful quiz to test how well fans know Mickey.

On November 18, viewers will be waiting for a special "Happy Birthday Mickey" themed broadcast of fun Mickey content throughout the day on the Disney Channel, the main medium of the celebrations. Fans of all ages are also sharing mickey's birthday celebrations with posts on FOX screens throughout the week.

And we haven't forgotten those who say there's no celebration without dessert! Special recipes that will inspire Mickey fans will be available to enthusiasts on the Instagram (@24kitchentr) account of 24Kitchen Turkey. Nat Geo Turkey Instagram (@natgeotvturkiye) account will offer Mickey's friends in the natural world the opportunity to be a part of the celebrations with fun post and story posts in honor of his birthday.

The e-commerce platform, which includes Mickey's fun products and collections in the retail wing, will bring Mickey to its homepage on November 18 in honor of his birthday.

Mickey started his journey in Turkey in the 1930s with comic books called "Miki Maus", and since then he has been using colorful storybooks, riddle-puzzles, jigsaw sets; Disney Channel and Disney Junior, as well as entertaining television content broadcast on national channels; It continues to meet with its fans in Turkey through many contact points, especially licensed products with sales in different categories and retail points and social responsibility projects that add value to society. The Istanbul-specific episode of Mickey Shorts, one of the favorite contents of the Disney Channel, was broadcast on the Disney Channel as part of the National Sovereignty and Children's Day celebrations on April 23, 2016 and presented to children. This section on the fun adventures of Mickey and his friends at the Grand Bazaar, one of istanbul's historical symbols, is of great importance in terms of being Disney's first cartoon about Turkey.

  • Mickey's debut, "Plane Crazy", was released as a silent film on May 15, 1928.
  • Released in 1928 and starring Mickey, "Steamboat Willie" made animation history as the first sound effect cartoon.
  • Mickey was just whistling until "The Karnival Kid" (1929). In this film, he spoke for the first time and his first words were "Hot Dogs!"
  • Mickey was voiced by Walt Disney until 1946.
  • Mickey is the first cartoon character to get his own star on Hollywood's famous boulevard.
  • Mickey's first feature film was "Fantasia.""
  • Mickey has been nominated for nine Academy Awards for his short films.
  • Mickey's ears have been designated by TIME magazine as one of the greatest cultural icons of the 20th and 21st centuries.


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