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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul Day 1

Ozgur Masur fashion show is one of the most highly anticipated fashion shows of both the day and the whole week... The music, choreography and collection show in every detail that it is the product of great effort and craftsmanship. Ozgur Masur gives an experimental look by interpreting minimal forms with traditional embroidery influenced by different cultures in a new 50-piece couture collection, all handcrafted, from all fabrics to processing details. The famous designer has designed the Couture 2018 Collection; "The line from the Far East to Pera contains fascinating details both with its cultural diversity and its role in history. Women, however sophisticated or avant-garde, always enjoy luxurious details. The world created in this collection; it is based on the interpretation of this sense of luxury in different cultures. This collection includes a collection of I set out from Japan as a geisha and said, It consists of a universe where the story created by a woman who passes through locations of high cultural value for me, such as China, India, Iran, Anatolia and ends her life in Pera, is told." Water green, powder tones, white colors featured in the collection and each piece has a large handcrafted workmanship. Flower embroidered stamp, sequin, stone and feather, which became the signature of the brand, has been enriched with many details and has taken its place in the collection once again.

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Rachid Bagzibağlı, who has made his voice heard both in Turkey and around the world and worked with names such as Beyonce, fascinates fashion lovers with his new collection, which emphasizes his unique style, feminine and eclectic style. The patterned pieces are reinterpreted by Bagzibağlı with the combination of different colors. The show begins with sports-chic style pieces with flight-flight chiffon fabrics, long hooded kimonos. Yellow, green and especially fuchsia pink are the main colors of the collection... Then there are the couture signals with more dore and earthy dresses with tassels and stone embroidery that have become the signature of the Rashid brand. The finale, as usual, is a dore tafta fabric dress that bubbles from the tulle of Tulin Şahin mini waist. Rashid Bagzibağlı once again reveals his traditional and flamboyant style with his new collection, which is changing and modernizing and renewing its energy every day.

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a woman wearing a dress
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