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Mehry Mu x Quilts Fora

With pyjamas and tracksuit bottoms shining on the fashion scene, one more cocooning element is poised to be incorporated into our everyday style. Thanks to the collaboration of Mehry Mu and Ayça SARC, the traditional Turkish quilt takes the shape of a bag and turns the warmth of the home into a portable fashion accessory.

Handcrafted quilts, which are indispensable for dowries in Anatolia, remain the passion of the Collector Ayça SARC, which he values very much, while the fact that zaanat is on the verge of exhaustion mobilizes it to create awareness. Opening the doors in a historic mansion in Sultanahmet, a placement exhibition featuring antique and self-designed quilts helps SARC to accidentally meet the Founder-Designer of Mehry Mu, Güneş Mutlu Mavituncalar, and to throw the first seeds of the project. Two creative women who speak the same language quickly decide to revive this cultural heritage in a contemporary collection of handcrafted handbags, thereby supporting artisans whose income power is at stake.

Mehry Mu x quilts Fora collection, prepared in two years, consists of three different models: ‘Meliha’ shopper, ‘Cenan’ tote and ‘Nevin’ clutch, which come in different color and motif variations. Traditional motifs such as clover leaf, star and rainbow stand out on designs made of blue, Yesil, yellow and red satin silk fabric prepared by artisans. In addition to details such as the handcrafted Auger bag handle, which has become Mehry Mu's signature, the bags shaped by cotton filling evoke sections from real Turkish quilts October. Flower patterned linings are another detail from the original Turkish textile culture that the designs carry.

The lookbook photos taken by Tugberk Acar, featuring actress Nil Keser, architect-designer Aylin Çınarlı Duna and textile expert Charlotte Hegewalk, were taken in a special and historic place, Abdulmecid Efendi Mansion. At the end of the 1800s, the mansion built by the legendary architect of Istanbul, Alexander Vallaury, for Hidivi Ismail Pasha of Egypt, was later built by the art lover Sultan II. It was allocated to Abdulmajid. Abdulmecid Efendi Mansion, which hosts contemporary art exhibitions today with its walls decorated with tile and calligraphy, was also the ideal address to talk about this collaboration, celebrating craft and modern pleasure.

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