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Meghan Markle's record-breaking knob

Meghan Markle- who is set to marry Prince Harry on May 19 - continues to make an impact in all areas. This time there is a lot of talk not about what they wear, but with their hairstyles.

Markle's messy bun, which has become her signature on many occasions, has also been the focus of attention for many bride-to-be. Searches for Markle's hairstyle have increased by 1,247 per cent, according to Pinterest.

This natural and shabby model was chosen on the red carpet by many celebrities this year. Especially the halter neckline, the buluzs that cover your neck area, scarves and scarves take on a stylish feel.

To achieve this appearance, spray a styling spray from your hair follicles to the middle. Then style your bun loosely, wrapping your hair around it. If you have a petite face, you can make your bun from above.

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