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Meghan Markle's Pregnancy Style

Markle was pictured with Prince Harry on January 14 at the opening of a convenience store in Birkenhead that caters for low earners. Far outside the Royal's pastel colour rules, the Duchess filled the eye with the contrasting striking of red and purple. Markle's dress is Artizia, and the price is only $ 49.99.


Meghan Markle in a red suit

Markle was working on animal rights when she received her royal pregnancy on January 16. Visiting Mayhew, an animal rights organisation, Duchess tonsurton made a memorable appearance on the look. Markle's beige dress is available at H&M for $ 35.

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Markle attended Cirque du Soleil's premiere at the Royal Albert Hall on the evening of January 16. Combining her glittering Roland Mouret dress with a simple bun and the season's trend burgundy lipstick, The Duchess managed to be both glamorous and elegant again.

Prince Harry and woman in formal wear
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