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Meghan Markle's collection is on sale

The Duchess Of Sussex Meghan Markle unveiled her capsule collection in London yesterday to support women going to job interviews at Smart Works.  Her speech included arts, education, women's and animal rights Leadership in 4 areas by Meghan MarkleMarkle, who runs the business, said she prioritises women's work. Emphasizing that only financial help will not be enough, women can be freed by producing and using their creativity, Markle said in the summer that she wants to touch women's stories with this collection. Prices in the capsule collection, prepared in collaboration with Marks & Spencer, John Lewis and Jigsaw companies, as well as Markle's close friend designer Misha Nonoo 19,50 Sterling (dress) £ 109 (bag) in between. Markle's collection received different reactions on social media. Although some reviews were positive, the collection was generally found ordinary. 

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