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Meet New York's most unusual show

Sleep No More is an interactive play inspired by macbeth. The game takes place inside The Mckittrick Hotel. This is a building with several floors. As soon as you step inside, you're in the game. First they gather you in a bar from the 1930s, and then the playing cards are handed out to everyone, and you start to be let in in order. They lead you to an elevator, everyone is given masks before boarding, and most importantly, they are not allowed to talk inside, take off the mask or call.

As soon as you enter the game, you take on the air of detective with the mystery and confidence of the masks. You're trying to explore the place. As you go from rooms to rooms, players come up to you and perform their games, murder, love, dance... If you ask my opinion, try to go after the same player; it helps you to understand the chronology of the game more easily without being surprised. And don't forget to wear comfortable shoes to the game.

I have to admit, even though it's my second time, I still haven't figured out the story. If anyone can figure it out, please contact me and tell me the details.

What can you do before the game?

On this trip, we discovered the candy store and stopped there for a while eating candy. Everything is so realistically decorated that from the cemetery, to the bar, even to the hospital dormitory...

My other advice to you is to eat at Gallow Green on Mckittrick's roof before Sleep No More. During Sleep No More you will always walk or even run between floors, so you will need energy. Gallow Green has a very different menu and a decoration that is worth seeing, with greens dominated. Steak Tartare. ($21) is a classic item on the World Cuisine menus, but I've never eaten so much delicious. I recommend also try the seafood salad, they have adjusted the ratio of greens and seafood very evenly. Agrumato Seafood Salad ($23) One of the dishes I'm most interested in on the menu is Tahini and zahter pizza (Cauliflower Pizza $21), which features Middle Eastern cuisine.

Where to buy tickets?

Tickets for Sleep No More are sold out on the mckittrickhotel.com site and often sell out quickly. When I first went, I opted for a standard ticket, so I bought a Maximilian's Guest ticket. Standard is $109.50 and the other is $150. The great thing about the second option is that you have a table booked in your name at the Manderley Bar all evening long. Especially after the game, you can sit with a nostalgic concept. I suggest you make a reservation before you go to Gallow Green.

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