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Meal service 5 iftar menu

Köşebaşı, which has been carrying the traditional tastes of Adana and Tarsus region meat dishes to the present day with a modern presentation since 1995, represented Turkey in the “50 Best Restaurants in the world” list created by 14 thousand members of Conde Nast Traveller magazine in 1999 and was ranked as “The Best Kebab Restaurant in Istanbul” in Time magazine in 2003. Köşebaşı's menu options for single, two and four people can be reached through the Food, Food, and Fuudy takeaway channels during the month of Ramadan. 

Iftar plate for 2 people: dates, dried apricots, honey, butter , tulum cheese, bacon, olives, strained yogurt, lentil soup. Salads: Gavurdağı and Toros main course: Köşebaşı kebab (spicy / painless) chicken skewers. Desserts: Gullaç - semolina with ice cream. Drink: 1 lt soft drink price: 300 TL

Arzu Gasimova, who came to Turkey from Azerbaijan as expat in 1998, crossed the road with the Culinary Arts Academy while the fatigue of corporate life was thrown by cooking. He started doing it professionally when his dinner invitations at home spread from ear to ear.It prepares special menus for special occasions such as Easter, Christmas, New Year and Ramadan. Cook me Eat me, which organizes tasting parties and also offers catering services!ye can be reached via his instagram account. Ramadan menu; ezogelin soup, artichokes with lemon, Pumpkin muffin, fresh beans, burrito, Hunkar like (or Uzbek rice or Karnıyarık), güllaç (or quince dessert) are available. Price: £ 150 per person. 

Nalia Karadeniz cuisine, which opened its first restaurant in Istanbul in Güneşli in July 2006, uses only butter or olive oil and Himalayan salt as salt. Meat is brought from Balıkesir and opium.  It also has branches in Bostancı and Kurtköy. You can reach through the food cart. Iftar menu; soup (fish with vegetables/ black cabbage / lentils strained), main course (dried beans with tea/ Rize roasting / akçaabat meatballs/lamb casserole with vegetables /kebab with likes), as well as traditional Black Sea desserts and soft drinks. Prices vary according to Menu Selection. 

Big Brother Döner, in addition to its delicious leaf döner cooked on a wood fire, also carries the traditional Ottoman food culture to the present day with its kebabs, grills, soups, olive oil, juicy home dishes, appetizers, desserts and all its flavors. Ramadan menu; Iftariyelikleri: dates, olives,soup, mixed grill, meatballs with Interior, Shepherd's salad raw meatballs, fat grass with yogurt, dessert ( kadayif/Gullaç/rice pudding ) and soft drinks are available. Price: £ 129. You can reach the Big Brother in Ümraniye via the Food Basket. 

MSA BOX allows you to easily prepare the favorite flavors that we are used to seeing in restaurants in the home environment, MSA leaves you the choice by offering 3 different kits during Ramadan. MSA box Ramadan menus prepared daily in hygienic kitchens with MSA quality and assurance; https://msabox.msa.com.tr it can be ordered 7 days a week.  11: 00 p.m. on the same day orders until 12.00-18.00 hours after orders the next day between 11.00 pm 12.00-18.00 hours between MSA can be delivered to your home or can be delivered from. You can also place your orders via the Fuudy App. Ramadan menus for 2 people range from 250 TL - 300 TL Dec. 

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