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Meal Delivery Top 10 Pizza

Since April 2009, the Upper Crust Pizzeria, the award-winning gourmet pizza chain in Boston and surrounding areas, has been bringing Istanbul pizza lovers together with the flavor of healthy gourmet pizza. The Upper Crust, which has created an insatiable palate festival with the magic mixtures of fresh vegetables, various cheeses, chicken, meat and seafood that add flavor to the crunch of thin pizza dough, in which a special recipe tomato sauce is spread, has already become indispensable for pizza lovers who love both pleasure and health! Gluten-free, vegan and wholemeal options are also available.

You can order at the Upper crust, which has branches in Bebek and Maslak, via the food cart.

If your preference is Napoli Pizza, the first address that comes to mind is Eataly! At Eataly, Mulino is cooked over a wood fire using Marino flour and 'mother's yeast'. The soft-edged, fluffy pizza dough is flavoured with the must-haves of Italian cuisine. Combining restaurant, market and culinary training area concepts, Eataly has a special market where you can buy quality Italian products, including fresh and processed meats, cheese, macaroni and pastries decks. 

Address: Zorlu Center-Square Floor Besiktas-Istanbul

A place that derives its name from La Scarpetta, which is derived from Scarpa, which means shoes in Italian, and is popularly used in the sense of ‘a bite used to decant the water of the dish left at the bottom of the plate’, during the pandemic fuudy he's taking orders from you. The ‘wide deli department ' offers home service with the products they want from the deli menu and the amount they want. There are exquisite pizza options that come out of a 100 per cent wood-powered pizza oven, where no unseasonably grown products, canned, dried and frozen ingredients are used.

Address: Dilhayat Sok. No: 16, Etiler, Istanbul

Miss Pizza, which has three branches in Istanbul, is one of the first that comes to mind when it comes to gourmet pizza... During the pandemic, these two branches of Miss Pizza, which serve in the Cihangir and Etiler branches, offer home service. The serving of wood-fired pizzas is pretty hearty. Take note of Pizza Funghi (chestnut mushroom marinated with truffle oil, gorgonzola and mozzarella cheese with porcini mushroom)! 

Address: Kılıçali Pasha Mah. Caviar Sk. 5A 34433 Beyoğlu / Istanbul

The real Neapolitan Pizza Association (Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, AVPN) is a non-profit organization founded in Naples. Its mission is to set and maintain the standards of true Neapolitan pizza (Vera Pizza Napoletana) all over the world. After a rigorous review process, Nappo became the first and only pizza restaurant in Turkey to be certified by the institution! The venue imports AVPN-certified Tipo 00 flour and San Marzano tomatoes from Italy to create unique flavours in the Stefano Ferrara wood-fired oven. Make a note of Meat Busters (Pelato tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese in water, beef fermented sausage, smoked beef ribs, smoked beef antricote, Naples beef salami, mushrooms)! 

You can order from a food cart in the canyon. 

Inspired by French and Mediterranean cuisine, Neni Brasserie's extraordinary flavors, which make food enthusiasts experience miracle flavors, can now be ordered home from the Food Basket. Neni Brasserie's menu includes delicious flavors ranging from pizza varieties to “Tarte Flambee” alternatives, from snack flavors to main courses and burgers. On the Pizza menu, Champignons (with mixed fresh mushrooms) and Marseille (with mixed seafood) are a must-try! They also serve apple tart on all pizza orders...

Address: Haldun Taner Street No: 7/1 34728 Caddebostan

Adam's departs from its competitors with its extensive pizza menu and takeaway service, which it has maintained for many years. Adam's prepares all the products served daily. This makes the brand the choice of pizza lovers. The reason you prefer it is also with various promotions and reasonable price...

Adam's Pizza offers come-and-take and takeaway services with branches in Emaar Square Mall and Baghdad Street Lighthouse.

Papa John's chain, which has branches in many provinces in Turkey, stands out with its difference in material quality and sauce among pizzaz decimated. There are those who say the brand even prefers its pizzas to Garlic Sauce. BBQ, vegan and pineapple pizza options differ.

Piccola, the beloved address of Arnavutköy, is now in the Food Basket... Here, the dough is prepared daily and the pizzas are opened by hand. Ingredients such as Prosciutto and bresaola are brought in from Italy. Note tonno with tuna, red onion and black olives! There are also options for vegetarians. 

Address: Vegetable Bayram Street 16, Arnavutköy.

Offering 25 types of Neapolitan-style pizza over a wood fire, it is famous for its options with pumpkin flowers, avocado and shrimp, artichoke and truffle, and cheddar cheese... Their thin pizza covered in sauce deserves that reputation.

Address: Emirgan, Sakıp Sabancı Cd. No: 14, 34467 Sariyer also www.emirgangroup.com you can reach via

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