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Meal delivery Top 10 pies

Today, the story of Levent USTA, which reached all of Turkey with dozens of branches and various tastes, began on a mobile counter in Adana. Levent Burrito is etched into minds with the image of cheese that stretches as it grows. Make a note of the one with bacon, which has its own flavors in the water pie! You can order from the Food Basket.

Bosniak cuisine is very famous for its soups, pies, tandoori, patties. Zeljanica yani (spinach pie), Sirnica (cheese pie) and Crompyrusa (potato pie) are very popular at the Bosnjak Kitchen in Karaköy. But the sine qua non here is the ravioli... Be sure to try this Bosniak ravioli, a kind of burrito!

Another of Istanbul's most famous Bosniak burritos is prava Pita, located in Bayrampaşa... It is famous for both its flavor and affordable prices. You can order from the Food Basket.

Buyukdere Bilice burrito, one of Sarıyer's most famous burritos, is also famous for its affordable prices and its taste, which has not changed for years...Make a note of the mince pie with pine nuts and currants! 

Phone:  0212 226 42 99

In 1934, the historical Yeniköy Börekçi, which was started to be operated by The Elders of the Kayakçı family of Safranbolulu, is one of the most famous addresses of this district today. The products are cooked daily by wood fire in a stone oven. 

Phone: 0532 282 24 77

Since 2011, production designed to BRC standards, performs in pie slice technological facilities; water pastry, puff sleeve varieties, varieties of baklava, a rich cookie menu offers customers with traditional Turkish taste of indispensable products such as leaf roll flavors and dumplings. You can reach via the website (dilimonline.com).

Historical Sariyer burrito with its deep-rooted history dating back to 1895 is one of the most famous flavors of Turkey... It has many branches from Istanbul to Bodrum. You can order through the food cart.

The Breakfast of Çengelköy Börekçisi, one of the most famous addresses of Istanbul, is as famous as its burritos...It has branches in Üsküdar, Kadıköy and Şerifali. You can order from the Food Basket.

The story of the White furnace began in Balat, in the mid-1800s. Today, you can also access the products of the bakery, which has quite stylish branches in many districts, especially Kadıköy in Istanbul, via its website (beyazfirin.com)

Odabaşı Çiğbörekçi, which is an address recommended by Vedat Milor, is also the reason of choice due to its affordable prices... There are people who stop by the anchor just for this burrito.

Address: Shahremini mah, Mevlanakapi Cd. No: 125 / B, 34104 Fatih / Istanbul

Phone: (0212) 632 87 86

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